Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Creature that is MORE FIERCE than YOU of the day : Lita Ford

I remember thinking how this song/video was SO HARD and HEAVY METAL and now I hear it and wanna cry because its the sweetest most innocent thing i ever heard... gulp... Im gonna cry.. its so honest, and the ESSENCE of where Im from. Every dude wanted to fuck her and every girl wanted to be her, if she wasnt a prep.... BUYING the song NOW. You know what was something that was so great about her??? She was so ACCESSIBLE?! Like if you were a girl from Glens Falls it wouldnt be THAT HARD to be Lita... It certainly didnt COST MUCH!?! I respect the lady and Im glad she exists, there is a side to me that is, perhaps not so surprisingly, LITA- a person who tries to work with what shes got once in a blue moon, cant cook, maybe smokes a little weed couple times a month, likes to fuck but likes to dance and make out more, likes to take pictures in trashy fetish wear, and is happily COMMON AS DIRT DONE UP....Dirt that sometimes, when the light hits it right, can shimmer...dirt that at least TRIES... not quite, but ALMOST glitter.

ps So i JUST bought it and this dude on facebook hits me up for a hook up and asks me what Im doing and I say " Im just home, working, listening to Lita Ford... It aint no big thing." He did NOT pick up on the line reference.. NEXT... No Clydesdale pussy for him!


Unknown said...

Wow! I haven't heard this since it was released but I still remember: "went to a party on a Saturday night, didn't get laid, got in a fight..." Hehe thanks for posting the link!

brando said...

Great post to start the fucking day I say! It says alot of being really comfortable or hell, proud of who you are. T-shirt inspiration!!

Holly said...

Oh my god! I sometimes wonder if people in their cars who see me jogging down the road know that I am rocking out to Lita. She was the anthem of my high school years!

fang said...