Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gurl... Your wig is slippin'.

Straight people see things very differently then gay people....
Straight guy photo editor: Shes hot.
Gay guy photo editor: That wig is clearly RUNNING to meet its Bf the SLIME MONSTER that has not been retouched out of the photo on the left. Why does she have to wear those contacts? The retouching is very "real" and Im not sure how I feel about it. Can we get the pebbles off the sand it looks dirty? I hate that the economy is so bad that I had to take this job photo editing for S.I when I really wanted that internship with Mondino.


brando said...

hahaha!!! Yes!! There had to be at least ONE faggot on set who noticed that! Or maybe the director or the model pissed them off and they were like, "Fuck it. Do the shot with her weave in disarray!" (Cigarette puff)

AwareGBM said...

She probably has the natural up under that piece. They needed a black hair stylist on set. That kitchen would have been hidden with no retouching needed.