Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok I think as gays we, or at least I, am gonna take back X-maz for us, gods fiercer children, and celebrate SATURNALIA. Saturnalia is the ORIGINAL X-mas and its WAY cooler. Jesus is cute and I actually dont mind jesus, its his followers that Im not into but, cmon SATURN is WAY MORE fierce then Jesus, though I have to admit if my plane is going down I dont know that Id pray to SATURN exactly, but maybe I SHOULD. I dunno Jesus does sound nice though, I feel hes like JIM HENSON, how could you hate Jim Henson???

Saturnalia was this big fierce festival which the christians just STUCK CHRISTMAS ON TOP OF in order to try and convert the pagans, AND IT WORKED.. well that and TORTURING PEOPLE... BUT.. anyways, its back! It was about freedom and SEX... WERK?! but not sexwork... and you got to wear funny hats and have ORGIES!.. Yay.. and I dont even like public sex BUT maybe if I was raised in a SATURNIAN CULTURE I wouldnt be trained to hate my body and I wouldnt mind having public sex and would celebrate it as one of the many gifts from god like I should... SAFELY...
Read all about it... If I lived in Glens Falls still Id TOTALLY have a "Fierce Saturnalia" display in my front yard and lets be honest, Id kick the christmas christians butts. I dunno what Id do exactly but I think a giant cut out, Im thinking like coming out over the top of the roof- just the arm and head, of a sexy/menacing silhouette of Saturn with blue laser eyes would be a good start. To be honest I dunno who youre supposed to worship during Saturnalia, Zeus for defeating Saturn or just Saturn on his own?... I think just Saturn on his own because as you can read the time of Saturn for the Romans was seen as an idyllic pure time though also somehow bad??? I dunno its VAGUE and ARBITRARY like all religions.. I dunno... but I'll take it, iI was sold on the Master / slave orgy fest ,and no war, and people made equals kookery...
Not knockin X-mas mind you. I actually like a bunch of X-mas traditions a lot, just none of the religious stuff, which is why I spell it X-mas to remove the Christ part.
Saturnalia became one of the most popular Roman festivals. It was marked by drunken orgies, tomfoolery and reversal of social roles, in which slaves and masters ostensibly switched places, much like the Lord of Misrule in later Christian celebrations.
Saturnalia was introduced around [217 BC] to raise citizen morale after a crushing military defeat at the hands of the Carthaginians.[1]
The Feast of Saturnalia was held every year in the winter at the Winter Solstice. During this time no war could be declared, slaves and masters ate at the same table, executions were postponed, and it was a season for giving gifts. This was a time of total abandon and merry making. It refreshed the idea of equality, of a time when all men were on the same level. When the festival ended, the tax collectors appeared and all money owed out to government, landlords, or lenders had to be accounted for.
Originally celebrated for a day, on December 17, its popularity saw it grow until it became a week-long extravaganza, ending on the 23rd. Efforts to shorten the celebration were unsuccessful. Augustus tried to reduce it to three days, and Caligula to five. These attempts caused uproar and massive revolts among the Roman citizens.
Saturnalia involved the conventional sacrifices, a couch (lectisternium) set out in front of the temple of Saturn and the untying of the ropes that bound the statue of Saturn during the rest of the year. A Saturnalicius princeps was elected master of ceremonies for the proceedings. Besides the public rites there were a series of holidays and customs celebrated privately. The celebrations included a school holiday, the making and giving of small presents (saturnalia et sigillaricia), massive and multiple group orgies, and a special market (sigillaria). Gambling was allowed for all, even slaves.
The toga was not worn, but rather the synthesis, i.e. colorful, informal "dinner clothes"; and the pileus (freedman's hat) was worn by everyone. Slaves were exempt from punishment, and treated their masters with (a pretense of) disrespect. The slaves celebrated a banquet: before, with, or served by the masters. Yet the reversal of the social order was mostly superficial; the banquet, for example, would often be prepared by the slaves, and they would prepare their masters' dinner as well. It was license within careful boundaries; it reversed the social order without subverting it.[2]


gavin said...

"To be honest I dunno who youre supposed to worship during Saturnalia, Zeus for defeating Saturn or just Saturn on his own?"

The ritual of slave/master reversals maybe suggests a celebration of "regime change" in general. It can be found in other Greco-Roman celebrations (like the cult of Dionysus).

Zeus/Jupiter wasn't the only king of the gods to overthrow his father -- Saturn did it to Uranus first. So Saturn is the only one involved in both revolts.

The Romans believed Saturn lived imprisoned in the underworld during their time.

gavin said...

"... I think just Saturn on his own because as you can read the time of Saturn for the Romans was seen as an idyllic pure time though also somehow bad???"

Yes, it could be a celebration of the Greco-Roman "Golden Age." The Greeks and Romans believed that Saturn's reign was the era that was most harmonious, peaceful and bountiful for mankind. Supposedly men didn't have to work for food, they lived for eons, they comingled with gods and had characters that were noble.

They also believed that mortal women did not exist back then. The Greco-Romans saw women as a curse who brought all the evils into the world through Pandora, the first woman, who wasn't created by Zeus until a much later age to punish mankind for receiving fire and other secrets without the gods' permission.

So they believed men were happier in the Golden Age without women. (Presumably, only gods created new men from earth or clay).

What makes you think the Romans saw Saturn's reign as bad?

The wikipedia article suggests that some RULERS saw the Saturnalia as bad and tried to scale it back. That's the ruler's opinion, not most Romans' who enjoyed it.

Remember that the constant festivals and games in the Roman empire were SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS that cost the rulers a lot of money, that the masses came to expect as entitlements. The masses were given lots of free food and entertainments to keep them happy, which allowed the Senators to make off like bandits with the rest of the power and wealth.

So the Saturnalia was a TAX on the aristocrats and could be easily hated by those who had to pay it, just like today.

I doubt the Saturnalia celebrated anything the Romans disliked about Saturn.

Otherwise, the rituals would have included eating your own children and cutting your dad's cock and balls off with a sickle.

Which is exactly what I hope to see at the David Mason Chlopecki Saturnalia Revival!

Am I invited?

Erik said...

I´ve always despised christianity along with all the other dreary fanatic monotheistic religions. I want Saturnalia back!