Monday, December 13, 2010

I lost my Shuffle and I just dont know what to do. Its EXACTLY THE SAME as losing a limb.

Im totally flummoxed! I didnt realize I was so regimented. The first crucial step is missing and Im baffled at what to do next?! Im sitting here at my desk just looking left, looking right, putting my hands up in the air, and then going back to facebook. Its wild,until the first step went missing I didnt know I had such a step by step crazy person process.....
I ended up with this as my plan:
1. Put on earrings ( Which do NOT work with my beard but whatever I feel naked without them)
2. Put on SEX CRIME (1984) by the Eurythmics ( This grounds me)
3. Take vitamins, antioxidants, fish oil, and caffeine pill (Methydrene)
4. Change underwear (So I dont feel dirty)
5. Pick out clothes for the day ( Something unspecial as I will be working in midtown which is dirty and gross)
6. Pick out gym clothes ( something colorful and slutty to contrast my dreary work clothes and continue my theme of "1984 SEX CRIME" )
7. Stop facebooking
8. Head to gym, then printer, then the open sewer which is the garment district, then back home where I full expect to find SEX CRIME still playing to keep Phil and I in an industrious mode.

ps, the video is lame but I just wanted you to be able to hear the song if you were unfamiliar... and you shouldnt be unfamiliar if youre a Vader fan btw... but I realize everyone has room for improvement.


Anonymous said...

In case someone's wondering about the video, the song was written for the soundtrack of a film adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and the video contains scenes from the film. 'SexCrime' is a Newspeak word (and should probably be inspiration for dreary workwear rather than slutty gym gear). The producers of the film commissioned the Eurythmics soundtrack without communicating with the director of the film, Michael Radford, who'd had a composer do a conventional orchestral score separately. The whole thing ended up in a court and Eurythmics withdrew the soundtrack album for a time. See

The Eurythmics Live collection has an great live version of the song, appropriately recorded in concert in Nuremberg, Germany.

Eric Robert Jackson said...

Sexcrime RULES!!! Let me know if you want/need the Extended Mix.

David Mason said...

Thanks Eric but I have it. And thanks for the info Mike I wasnt aware about the director/ eurythmics thing. That explains why everyone says the same thing which is "the song is fierce but nothing like the movie is just depressing and although it looks good for five minutes its just depressing by the end and although thats what the point is it needs to be interesting to be watchable."
It also explains why I NEVER heard it as a kid. I didnt even know it existed until 1995