Sunday, December 19, 2010

I think this is a great idea.. if i didnt eat children Id take one I knew and let it make one of these

They have a MAKE YOUR OWN MUPPET thing at F.A.G Schwarz, where I worked for a month when I wanted to leave Minnesota and my mom wouldnt give me money for GAS TO GET HOME so I had to get a job at MALL OF AMERICA for two weeks to get a CHECK so I could have enough money to pay for the drive across country?! Im actually not tremendously resentful, its kinda fierce actually, I think at some point it actually is important to say "Do it your fuckin self" to your kid. I think I learned something from it, it was the time she made me take the BUS from LA to MINNESOTA that was NOT SO FIERCE.
Anyways, Click HERE to do the make your own muppet thing, you can pick out the parts and preview it even... very cute.

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Duane Roggendorff said...

"if i didn't eat children" lol!