Thursday, December 9, 2010

I would like it if more gays appreciated Dee Snider... Just a humble request.

His signature color is RAZZBERRY (even the album is hot pink?!), he has Bette Midlers personality from the 80's, Burnadette Peters hair dresser, Divines make up artist, Randy "Macho Man" Savages stylist, Sarah Jessica Parkers NOSE and hes STRAIGHT... Hes EVERYTHING a gay guy could DREAM OF?! If you are expecting MORE out of a person designed for a gay mans interests you are NOT GOING TO FIND IT. Hes major, get into him. Dont count him out just because hes into metal and not gay. I actually think it makes him MORE interesting and relatable. He actually is a fish out of water just like a gay. So be nice and THANK GOD for Dee! And if it makes any difference I read on a roadie blog years ago that hes hung huge... just sayin. Not that I need to have it, but its kinda fierce that hes secure enough to be a tranny thats packin' meat for GENETIC FEMALES, thats WEIRD and AWESOME.


gavin said...

Wasn't there a big "Hair Metal Gays" trend in NYC 7-8 years ago?

I remember metal rock shows with gays doing Poison drag or whatever.

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

You can 'rock out' with your ever-hip idol who is now trangressively appearing in "Rock of Ages" on Broadway.

You live in that neighborhood, right? Maybe you can share a cherry scone or butterscotch cashew bar @ Amy's Breads. I know the line is long, but you just tell them 'You're not gonna take it.'

Martha Stewart

Elric said...

Oh my dear Gods, yes!!

While I've never liked Dee Snider's face, I was a child of the 80s. He had (has, really) and awesome body and his wardrobe was awesome!! I love hair metal even to this day. I'll love it until the day I die. Yeah. It's cheesy, and as far as what I usually listen to (mainly classical, prog rock and death metal...I'm a total homodork) it's a guilty pleasure, but it's my coming of age. It's also where all of my teen crushes are.

Gay or straight, I still don't think one can go wrong with longhair, leather and spandex.

Leatherpigboy said...

God i loved him when i was young, probably for all the reasons you stated and he was ever so comfortable with himself. I loved a lot of the heavy Metal bands for the tight leather, spandex and crazy outfits...thank god for them!