Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last minute X mas TIP FOR GAYS!

Take note because this is probably the OPPOSITE of logic BUT:
1.If youre buying clothes for a friend who does NOT lift weights and youre not sure what size to get, buy the LARGER size because they will feel SMALL and THIN when they try it on, and if they have to return it theyll be happy to have to ask for a SMALLER SIZE. The last thing someone who does not workout wants to feel is to be TOO BIG.
2. If youre buying clothes for a friend who DOES lift, buy the SMALLER size because it will be TIGHT and they will feel BIG and be happy and if they have to exchange it to get a LARGER size. The last thing that someone who spends hours in the gym wants to feel is TOO SMALL.


Rami said...

actually makes perfect sense to me.

zachary said...

heh, cute.

DA-FUN said...

Great smile boo!!! You are going to make me fall in just smiling.
It's been a while since I have seen a post about products. I like your posts about products you have tried, the good and not so good ones.
I am 37yo and I have been looking around for something that really works. Body mass, strength, energy, etc. Do you have a favorite product that works for you?