Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fetish Kookery of the day: Palanca Feet ... He draws a dude right.

Palanca feet draws my ideal dude, receding hair, dark features, unshaveable stubble, strong nose, angular chin, hairy hairy hairy- though personally I prefer a curlier body hair... but im not gonna, dare I say, split hairs....
For Palanca its about the FEET, hence the name, and I'm actually not a foot person, but it doesnt matter. His images have enough erotic charge to them to appeal to a much broader audience then strictly the foot fiend scene. I appreciate his fetish kookery and I though Im not a FOOT SUCKER I still love his drawings which run from the standard colt style pin up to FULL TILT BOOGIE FETISH INSANITY, which I really appreciate. I like to see people take an ideal and push it, and change it, and go over the top with it and HE DOES. He draws cyclops, weirdo siamese twin dudes, foot eating monsters, he gets INTO it. When people push their fetish in their illustrations you really get to see the nuances which spark the erotic charge. Things youd never even consider suddenly become VERY APPARENT and it really opens your eyes and broadens your sexual spectrum which I always think is great. The VEINS in the feet for example, Id never even consider the veins in a foot to be sexy but for him theyre IMPERATIVE! Its great to learn something "new" in sexuality because its just SO regimented in our culture. I find fetishistic ideals liberating from the standard "rules of attraction" which are endlessly thrown at us. They give us freedom, and power(or lack of), spice up our lives, and broaden our world! FETISH IS FIERCE... get into yours. ... If you like what you see here check out his blog, he sometimes makes the available for sale as well. Click HERE


M said...

So cool and funny, thanks! And hey, would you agree that Catwoman (as played by Michelle Pfeiffer) is a contender for "fiercer than you"? I've always loved her playful body language, her outfit, and how she gets angry, not sad about herself.

David Mason said...

I do like Michelle Pfieffer as cat oman BUT I do like Julie Newmar more. I feel like when you look sback on michelle pfieffer now she just seems weird... she does look like a persian cat though in the face... I loved her when it came out so yes I do really appreciate her but I dunno, I just feel like cat woman should read as tall, to be more threatening. Eartha kitt was SHORT but she was so exotic she still had the threat thing going on, michelle was very good but read as an "actress" to me, not a cat woman 100% I'd still give her and A for effort though.

gavin said...

What, no Halle Barry fans?!


Christopher Nolan was at one point toying with the idea of casting Cher as Catwoman in the newly rebooted BATMAN franchise.

He supposedly imagined Catwoman as an older, scorned vamp. Combine that with his gritty realism and I think it could be awesome!

Palanca Feet said...

Mark Webber (australian Red Bull F1 racer) is the hottest "catwoman" I've ever seen, he has a feline walk, jump and a neat rear view... thank you David for the note, love that "kookery" word, you know, I don't even understand myself either but I like me!!!

Alter Nativo-H said...

What the fuck are you talking about? Catwoman? Michelle and Nolan????

Palanca's drawings are hot and rude!!!

I personally get so horny when he creates Peruvian aborigen men with wide feet (Peruvian mostly have lovely feet!)... and flush cats, bats and kitties down!