Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pete Burns is a sour puss, but his line at the end was pretty darn good, basic, but still a respectable barb.

I honestly feel like England is better off because of him, I wish the states had a Pete Burns archetype. A tranny plastic surgery addict that at least has the nerve to stand up for himself. It shows that yes he is a kook but no different then anyone else really because hes willing to fight back and honor you to a duel of wits. Yes hes rancid and spits acid and has his problems but I can respect him because hes clever, and as nasty as he is I think there is some kind of respect he has for people, he actually WANTS YOU to fight back, he WANTS to find something in you to respect, but hes not just going to hand it over to you without it being earned. Hes suspect, I can respect that in a person. I mean compare him to a male in the United States thats well known.. Sean Puffy Combs for example is an UNATTRACTIVE RETARD yet makes hundreds of millions of dollars and has tremendous influence on youth, and THAT is what I think is wrong. Everyone yells at Pete for his looks, but SEAN JEAN is BUTT and his mother is REVOLTING AND SKANK and Im willing to bet neither of them could point to Greece on a GLOBE, though lord knows they could LEAVE grease on a globe ... okaaaay?!... (Sorry but I couldnt resist with that JUICY JHERI that she (sean) has naturally... her head is the ORIGINAL Napster?!?! (WOW, A TURN OF THE CENTURY READ?!) )... and nobody says anything?!... and if youre going to debate that with me I must bring up "UNFORGIVABLE" Puffys fragrance... with the ULTIMATE WORST tag line of all tag lines EVER?!?! "Life without passion is UNFORGIVABLE" soooooooo what youre telling me is your fragrance is LIFE WITHOUT PASSION???? Uh Huh... good job guys... And this cost probably 15 million in marketing... Not only is he, but anyone who sucks his asshole, an idiot... IMAGINE if we lived in a world where the roles were reversed and PETE BURNS was as well known and had the influence of SEAN PUFF DADDY COMBS.... I can?! It was called 1985 and I want it BACK!!!?!..... I should have entitled this rant DAVID MASON is a sour puss!


JamTheCat said...

Oh, SNAP...or is that too obvious a comment?

John David Sturgill said...

For at least ten minutes each week you are my hero. Please never stop writing your blog.

fang said...