Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is Fierce but not in my usual sense of fierce.

No, it doesnt involve spikes, studs, spandex, steroids, lady robots, purple dinosaurs, candy castles or any of the usual stuff that I think makes something fierce but its my friend Bradford of and hes taking the nerve to do something. I think its very, very cool of him. Its why I'm friends with him actually, because he has the balls to be himself and I find that very admirable, far more admirable the achievement of a hot body, or a great job, or genius styling which as gays we ( or at least I) have a tendency to or FEEL AS THOUGH IM PRESSURED TO value more then theyre worth.


Jim said...

YAY...Bradford! I really enjoyed the clip...very well done :)

Sue said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment that every school should have a GSA. Our local high school currently does not have one, because they claim there are no gay kids this year. That is what they have said every year. But my opinion is that it is a Gay STRAIGHT Alliance, and one need not have any gay kids in the school to have one. [Aside from the fact that statistically speaking there should be a certain number of gay kids for each 100 kids anyhow...] But how can I as one person bring pressure to get one opened in our local school, where it is pretty conservative? It is so frustrating!