Friday, January 28, 2011

Geri Jewell is a lesbian?!?!... Nancy Mckeon breathes a LONG AWAITED sigh of RELIEF?!

(If youre wondering why I chose this photo its because I like to imagine that GERI is on the phone telling them all, "I like to have sex with girls.")
Geri Jewell is quite possibly the WORLDS GREATEST MARKETING GENIUS?! In the eighties she managed to STEAL BLAIRS THUNDER, which was NOT an easy task, just ask JOE, with a MACHIAVELLIAN marketing scheme which spun her "handicap" of Cerebral Palsy into a NEVER ENDING GOLD MINE of cameo appearances on The Facts of Life!.... and now, just when everybody forgot about Geri, she STICKS US IN THE JUGULAR with a DAGGER known as VAGTASTIC LESBIANISM!?!?!?
The lady is a GENIUS... Kudos Ms Jewell.. Well played my MON PETITE BIJOU!....Read the article HERE
Good for her.... Geri is Fierce. In all honesty I just realized her T-shirt is one of the most ICONIC pieces of clothing of the 80s, not even kidding. If you asked me to name 3 iconic T-shirts from the 80s I would say, "Frankie say Relax", "We are the World", and "I dont have Cerebral Palsy, Im DRUNK!" ... I would also like to give honorable mention to this t-shirt I saw that I will NEVER FORGET.... My sister threw a party the first time my mother left her in control of me by herself, in my mind it wasnt quite WEIRD SCIENCE but it was certainly BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME and I COULD NOT believe my sister did it.. anyways I remember someone rang the door and when I answered it this kid who seemed like an ADULT at the time, but he was probably 13, was standing there with a white t shirt with black sleeves and ironed on the shirt in GLITTER was a guy eating a HAMBURGER and it said "JUICY HAMBURGER!" at the time i knew there was SOMETHING SALACIOUS going on but I could NOT put my finger on it, now I realized the DRIPPING BEEF PATTIES SQUIRTING BETWEEN THE BUNS had to have been a GIANT PUSSY?!?!?!... Phenomenal... Kid, whoever you were, you were MAJOR and I remember you to this day!!! Thank for your JUICY HAMBURGER.


gavin said...

CHELSEA LATELY is going to have a HEYDAY with this information!

Heather MacDonald does a FIERCE Geri Jewell:

Lawrence said...

The actress who played Blair being a religious freak in real life makes this news that much more satisfying...I hope they once share a soda!