Thursday, January 13, 2011

Most amazing / dangerous/ best workout routine EVER

This is a clip from Aerobicise, a home workout cassette they you were supposed to follow in order to get hot porno body... I tried doing it, it is NOT possible... BUT.. what I can say is that I DID get an amazing workout, though I herniated my L5, S1 vertebrae.... but I looked SO GOOD doing it!!! Watch till the end... shes a WILD WOMAN?!?!?

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Holly said...

I watched, in its entirety, in abject horror/fascination/bewilderment. She's awesome! I thought I had seen it all and then she pulls that leg maneuver at minute 1:39 and then goes crazy at minute 5:06 (which was really creeping me out). You are braver than most for even trying! And that smile at the end? A national treasure. I wonder what she's doing now?