Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Slick It Up PARIS T-shirt, shot by Exterface, designed by Brandon Haynes

This is the new Tee in our collection of Slick It Up t-shirts based off of cities. Ahhhh.. PARIS...werk.... I mean we all know damn well if New York City was our first city t-shirt then Paris HAD to be next! What is more french then an ALMOST Chanel symbol tagged with a logo that due to its graffiti style application is dripping and kinda looking like a SEVERED HEAD?! Nothing says PARIS like DECAPITATIONS, GRAFFITI, and COUTURE! Pick it up now at SLICK IT UP, remember to use coupon code "houseofvader" for a discount!


Joey said...

I love their work because it always feels like a dream – and with the severed head effect, it’s like a bit of Neosurrealism. ALL about it.

Malibu Eric said...

Just ordered. Cant wait. Merci.