Saturday, January 8, 2011


Ok, Im a Sagittarius rising, which means I stick my foot in my mouth a lot. Todays example occurred as I was riding the E subway with my friend Bradford, of the website . We were headed to David Barton Astor Place as I was telling this story about a friend of mine that references Jake Gyllenhal. Im going on and on and the story requires me saying JAKE GYLLENHAL over and over and each time Bradford would just giggle MORE AND MORE. Towards the end of the story Bradford tells me "Jake is sitting right behind you" to which I respond with a glib "Yeah." figuring Bradford is talking about the guy sitting across from us who sorta looks like him and Im like "Ok, whatever.". We get to our stop and this queen sitting behind us just throws me a CUNTY EYE. As soon as we get out Bradford is like "YOU DO REALIZE THAT JAKE GYLLENHAL WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO US ON THE TRAIN and that cunty queen was sitting with him!?".. which of course I did NOT.... UGH... How EMBARRASSING?! Just because its WEIRD. Like what is it like for him to hear people on a subway talking about him having no idea hes standing next to them?! I wasnt actually talking about him though and I wasnt saying anything critical or hateful or sexual thank god, the story just referenced him a lot. Just a very NEW YORK moment... ugh... I feel like such a DORK PERSON WHO LIKES CELEBRITIES... which I am NOT I PROMISE.... Im very uncomfortable with that power dynamic.

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