Monday, January 24, 2011

Slick It Up and David Mason on ...

UGH?!?!? Could my wrist be any LOOSER?! ...I HAVE AN IDEA?! Why dont we try and make it MORE LOOSE?! I mean LETS GO FOR IT... I think I need like COMPOUND FRACTURE level limp wristedness... Why settle for "florist grade"?! I think instead of trying to butch it up I should should just PUSH IT, and hope that somehow it works in REVERSE and somehow I look MORE MASCULINE by being a GIANT QUEENY MOOSE. sorta like putting an androgynous women in menswear, it somehow works in reverse and accentuates there feminine aspects instead of making them look more mannish.... Oh forget it... it aint gonna work for me... I'll just learn to like myself... BORING...;)
Ps Its way better quality if you click on it and view it off this blog. I dunno why but blogger is making everything blurry and janky lately... something must have gotten switched and I cant figure it out and its altered coordinates and Ive lost control?!


Sue said...

David Mason said...

Thanks Sue!!! Im gonna give your blog a shout out this week!

Unknown said...


OH NO!! So bad! So beef cake queen, screaming "Try and think of me as a jock, PLEASE!", "I NEED IT!" "PUBLICLY!". Like you couldn't have put on PANTS and a NICE SHIRT for a home interview?

That is honestly fug-ed up, and approaching disgusting!

I have read you blog for a long time. Mostly love it, but honey, this interview, the layers, upon layers, upon layers of self loathing combined with put-on jock-ness is astounding. It has the appearance of like personality disorder level dysfunction.

We all know you have a nice home, a good product, and COULD look good on camera. It's sooo obvi you wanted to come off as the jock who's so natural he doesn't have to try. But it just reads as so try-hard to be that, that it's full speed in the opposite direction.

Like this isn't some fuck friend, who wants to see you in your tear-away shorts when he opens the door. It's the world, potential clients, fans!

If I didn't know your blog, I'd think, 'grosso self denial queen, selling etsy crap out of his parents house, waste of a 3 min interview, he probly tells people he's bi, just cause..."

SLACKS and A SHRIT, would have made it all look super pro and NICE?. but no....uuuugh. You look so uncomfortable being a queen and so MUST BE SEEN AS A JOCK, that I'm wondering
"Does he even own pants, a tie?"
"If you were out to dinner would you dress like that?"
"Does he even do things like go out to dinner, or is it all work outs, followed by tearful jerk off sessions with the under armour catalogue?"


Unknown said...

I'm sorry, I Donn't want to be mean!, IT JUST LOOKS SOO UUUGH! PANTS AND A SHIRT PLEASE!

David Mason said...

Wow... PROJECTILE JEALOUSY... That was amazing.. Let it out honey.. if it makes you feel better, lay it on me, I can take it...!?!
1. Who says "slacks"
2. Thats actually what I wear all the time.
3. I really dont think I hate myself. In fact I think the fact that Im comfortable enough to be swishy on cam proves this...
4. Why am I addressing you?
5. Bye.

David Mason said...

ps. I love how, LIKE ALWAYS, when people come for me they do it ANONYMOUSLY.. Like here I am with my name and face out there and then someone within the safety of anonymity thinks they have the nerve to read me but doesnt have the balls to back it up.... Which to me means they know theyre wrong but they just MUST spit that venom because the jealousy is just eating them up side SO BAD.. I know because IVE BEEN THERE... but I realized what it was and moved on... SO "R" how bout a facebook name , link, etc...??? Back it up!

Unknown said...

You said it all with "who says slacks?"

gavin said...

Why did you let him get away with keeping his T-shirt on?

It doesn't matter how out-of-shape a person is -- undressing and acting like nothing is wrong is ALWAYS going to look better and be sexier than demonstrating how much he hates his own body.

You should have dommed him right there. Forced him to strip and do 20 push-ups for self-loathing.

That's how your fashions are supposed to be used, right?


AGB said...

OMG! I had noooooooo Idea! lol

David Mason said...

I dont like the tone of that lol either....

zachary said...

nah that guy needsa get outta here you look good on camera!!

gavin said...

"R" wants Dave to dress up for fetish gear promotion?!


The appropriate attire for plugging fetish gear is BARELY CONTAINED NUDITY.

S.I.U. is selling sex, not office supplies, you TWAT.

Dave SHOULD have made the pretty boy take OFF his shirt and pants.

Dave doesn't want "to come off as the jock who's so natural he doesn't have to try."

He wants to come off as a sissy not interested team or pro sports who TRIES VERY HARD to have an outstanding build.

He'll tell you about it. He doesn't claim to be "straight-acting" or a jock. He goes farther than the average circuit boy by PUBLICLY DESCRIBING HIMSELF as a "Male-to-Male Tranny," a sissy art fag at heart who simply likes the way "jocks" look. Which is what most circuit boys are, they just don't own it like him.

There's no pretending here. He really dresses that way casually. If you walked into his home unannounced, he'd really be wearing that. Because it's comfortable and convenient.

So he's a proud EFFEMINATE MAN who has a REALLY HOT PHYSIQUE that you and everyone else wants to fuck. Nothing to hate; no false advertising.

"You look so uncomfortable being a queen."

Maybe he's not queen. Why does every gay man have to be a full-blown queen? How does a dress shirt and "slacks" own his queenship?

"R"= Standard-Issue Hater.

Dave, he's right about one thing: your "put-on jockness" really IS "astounding." It's SUPER hot and I want my body to look that way, too. You're a model of physical excellence and everyone wants to fuck you. I don't want or need a genuine interest in sports from anyone -- that would bore the fuck out of me. Just the hot pecs will do.

Astound us some more!

James said...

You look fine. The guy doing the interviewing needs to RELAX a little. That jittery verbal diarrhoea "I'm trying this on but I'm putting it over my regular clothes because it's so not me" does not do justice to the gear. Maybe some warm-up time before turning the camera on would have helped him.

JamTheCat said...

Hey, super-star, you're gonna go far, 'cause gorgeous you are. Wanna ride in my car?

Blue said...

fyi i totally have a bigger crush on you now

Jim said...

I thought you came off GREAT! Although "giant, queeny moose" did make me LOL...a little self-deprecation is good :) Jim
P.S. You are totally dateable :)

Lucien said...

You are the most Unboring Handsome dude - and all us followers from SUe to me ( and avid customers of the SIU gear) love love love you Mr D.

Mathias N Oz said...

Hmm... I just thought you looked great and did a fun promo... But what do I know.

Malibu Eric said...

I loved that "R" transitioned from 'slacks' to 'fug-ed up'. I can feel the personality disorder all the way out on the west coast.
I've been in over 500 commercials, in front of and behind the camera for 30 years, so sorry, I am an expert and the truth is:
1.David looked fucking fantastic.
2. His voice is great!
3. He has a confidence in his own skin that radiates through the lens.
4. He is a self made success so suck on that "R"

Sorry I got a little riled up, my slacks are now pinching me.

Jamie said...

David you looked FANTASTIC, and that smile is KILLER especially when framed by your SMOKIN' HOT BEARD. :)

Unknown said...

Your lats look great in the shredder tee. Woof.

Erik said...

YUM. For a tall guy to look that muscular on video you must have huge arms and shoulders in person!

Thong Dude said...

only music makes you lose control

Mo said...

Good for you David. Ignore the sexually frustrated bitch queens with zero savvy. Pathetic wallflowers who accomplish nothing but rip others apart. Well done. Proud of you. This from a big hairy hung bear who likes to fuck guys with brains and guts.