Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super sweet letter from a reader! ... I could not ask for more! I really appreciate the letters from you guys!

Hi David! I've been reading your blog for the past 2 WEEKS now and decided that I would EMAIL YOU?! See what I did there? I SPOKE LIKE YOU? That's because I've been obsessed with your blog ever since I found it (2 WEEKS ago). It's almost a bit like therapy for me, although I'm just a boy who was born in the late 80's (88 to be precise) so I don't really get all the GRACE JONES and THIERRY MUGLER references but I WANT TO? So I keep READING? I love the fact that you trick your readers into thinking they're looking at porn but when really you're TEACHING THEM about LIFE and the FINER DETAILS in IMAGERY that we miss, but throw in the porn for good measure? I love your blog because I don't feel ALONE anymore. Not that I've ever felt ALONE but it's kinda like there are OTHER people like me OUT there?

Your blog inspires me to GET BIGGER. I've been a skinny ectomorph boy all my life, and started going to gym 2 years ago to get bigger, because I was sick of MUSCLEY guys IGNORING me, but I don't blame them because I ignore twink boys too? So I decided to get BIGGER so that we could be on the same playing field. I'm still thin, but I'm getting there. Your blog does make me want to get bigger or go on roids because A: I like the look of roids? and B: Gym is taking wayyyy too long to gain size. But I won't go on roids YET, I'm going to push myself even harder at gym for the next 6 months... Then if nothing, roids.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure the EXACT reason I'm emailing you but I WANTED to so I AM. I want to know more about you, you fascinate me. I read your blog and sometimes I think you HATE fashion but then you mention how you've been to VOGUE? AND YOU MAKE HATS? AND ALL THE MUGLER REFERENCES? And you hang out with Francois?! And I want to know what you use to look like before working out, and even though you posted that picture of some magazine cover, I can't see your body so can't really judge your size by your neck.


Stanimal5 said...

Yes, super sweet but David--tell the kid he doesn't need to take mones if he's 23!!! A 35 year old takes steroids to get back to the hormonal level of a 23 year old. All this guy needs is a proper squat routine and a gallon of whole milk a day.
I agree with him though. What I appreciate most about this blog are the observations on the roles that men (gay or straight) play in society. Sexually, professionally, on a fetish level or just gender identity in general. I'm in my 20s too, and most gay men my age and older have had very few role models or public forums for honest expression about their experience as men. The pop culture tidbits and the porn make it light hearted, but in the end I keep reading because it's nice to be able to relate.

David Mason said...

Awww. Well thats AWESOME! because thats what I hope for. When I write on this blog its kinda like a diary. I just put it out there into the ethos and if someone wants to take something from it theyre welcome to it! If I can help people in some way it feels "right"
So Thank you!
Whats interesting for me is now I realize when im not writing on this blog I feel detached and slightly frazzled. Writing this somehow organizs my thoughts and keeps me grounded.
Im not a reader, I HATE reading actually, but i feel guilty about it. So I feel like if Im a writer then im not a lazy blob, and then there is something out there for all the readers in the world, which I think there are more of then writers.

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fang said...

like x 2!

maxtem19 said...

I feel like I could have written this. I've been reading your blog since I was 23, and felt identically to this reader. You've inspired me quite a bit, in exactly the way he's shared.