Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fetish Kookery of the day: Totally Roidtarded Nazi Baby Thing... Oooh lolololol Now THIS is a ROIDTARD, hands down TITLE WINNER ?!?!

Before you hate on him lets just be honest, this dude is clearly VERY SUCCESSFUL at being not so good at KNOWING THINGS so Im sure some kookoo NAZI FETISH homo, which is COMMON AS DIRT mind you (an old bf of mine who was a half jew used to ask me to put on these officer boots and just stand over him on the bed, which was cute the first few times) is responsible for the "styling" and fed him protein bars and he giggled and farted and didnt realize he was just used for MASTURBATION MATERIAL by said "stylist" ... the same "stylist" who bought him the POLO SHIRT.


Unknown said...

...the POLO shirt and the TRUE RELIGION JEANS. ick.

gavin said...

Der Röidentarder!

Troy said...

Dear Idiots,

Please stop wearing those hideous and totally GROSS True Religion boot-cut jeans with the contrast stitching and snap-flap back pockets. You look like a douche.

The Human Race

wavingpalms said...

There's something very Meta going on with the facial expressions that, for me, end up washing away any offense I could possibly take... Numbers 3 and 4, in particular, are begging for Curly Stooge-style 'Wubwubwubwub' sound effects.

Lawrence said...

Straight boys with no taste turn me on. Who would invest all that money money in a gun collection and then hang them on some unpainted wood slats and hooks, no wonder we gays are making so much progess...we've evolved.