Friday, February 25, 2011

Francois Sagat Documentary preview featuring tons of Slick It Up gear?!

This is a preview of the documentary on Francois Sagat. The documentary is made by the same people who did the Valentino documentary. Im very excited to see it! Almost all the footage of him performing in this preview is in Slick It Up. The armor I made for Halloween for myself originally, not sure of his arrival or not, but once he was here it was clear it must be for him, it suits him I think. It was captured quite nicely by the videographer... I did not do the shoes, Jeremy Scott did those. I wonder if Im in it.


Jim said...

Great clip...sleek, sexy and seductive! Good choice of music, too.

Braver said...

Cant wait to see the video! its beautiful... sagat is beautiful and u are beautiful hot !
We are all happy!

fang said...

this looks great SIR, can't wait to see it. i love that armour. amazing.