Friday, February 25, 2011

Francois Sagat shot by Terry richardson in Slick It Up

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

All of the spandex gear in this shoot by Terry Richardson is custom Slick It Up. We did a military theme... I had the american flag slingshot thong made for myself years ago for the Lamborgini shoot. I never produced it... It was for PRIVATE SHOWS ONLY. Francois was special occasion enough to take it out of retirement! Perhaps I should produce it, or in the camo, which do you prefer? Should I make camo thongs ? Do you guys want them?

This photo was NOT retouched mind you so forgive its EDGY REALNESS! It was just us posing with the car after the shoot. I didnt plan on posting it ever. This is Slick It Up in the RAW! Whats funny is you see how SMALL a Lambo is?! Its BELOW my ass?! If you look at the twins photo you can see where my leg is when Im sitting in it. I'll never drive a Lambo :(... but I wouldnt trade being tall for the opportunity so GOD please dont pull some twisted "Gift of the Maji" type of thing on me or have me lose my legs to a CROCODILE and then be all "Well you said you wanted to fit in a Lamborgini!"


Sue said...

If I were a guy, I would prefer a camo thong. They are more flattering to the body.

Race cars are small for aerodynamics. It just fills me with excitement that this is the case. Of course my driving a fast car days are long over [ones reflexes slow over time]. But I remember a commercial where someone jumped over a Lotus that was speeding underneath him. As a technical feat, not at all that difficult. But still, extremely risky since the car is moving underneath one at incredible speed. It is one of those "Don't try this at home." things.

Mathias N Oz said...

I agree with Sue, Camo.

Anonymous said...

Sue nailed it, camo! (Plus I think from a financial stand point it would be more profitable for you too.)

MADD MAN said...

i'm with sue. put that camo thong in production! : )

I hope that Francois documentary has subtitles because its been years since i took French in high school.

Van the Man said...

Camo, definitely...After I saw the photo of Sagat, I went to the SlickItUp website to see if it was available for purchase