Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga "Born This Way" video intro is TOTALLY MULTINAUTS ... she even says MULTIVERSE, uses the graphic and the UNICORN?!?!

Im not hating, in fact im THANKFUL she noticed us. Its totally FLATTERING, but I did NOT expect the intro to the new video to be so MULTINAUTS influenced. I mean she even says MULTIVERSE, I know the term existed but nobody really said MULTIVERSE before the MULTINAUTS. No we didnt come up with the term MULTIVERSE but to use the visuals so closely and the concept near exactly Im forced to imagine she picked the term up from the intro... and the unicorn?!?!? I mean the concept alone is identical.. A sentient being in a magic crystal floating through space talking about evil corporations, the voice over, the background, the person in the crystal, the triangle and the unicorn... thats A LOT... Lady Gaga you must read House of Vader, can I at least get a shout out or something, a lunch, a t-shirt, a 8x10 glossy signed "The REAL Oysters Rockefeller" ???

Play them both at the same time! I gag! Im not crazy am I, well I might be crazy but they are VERY similar in the beginning right?


Sue said...

She has totally ripped you off! TOTALLY! Verbiage, tone of voice, images, the whole nine yards!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm not a hater, but you didn't come up with the term multiverse.

It's used in a lot of sci-fi lore. Star Trek comes to mind.

David Mason said...

Its true we did NOt come up with the term Multiverse BUT, do you think she knew the term before us?! When you see the intro and all the similarities, the concept, the voice over, the crystal with a person in it, the triangles with neon, the UNICORN... you cant tell me she didnt see Multinauts and just lift it from that. I highly doubt Lady Gaga is using the term Multiverse on her own...

Holly said...

Oh man! I am so pissed for you right now. That's just wrong. I am so not a conspiracy theorist, but there is no freaking way that is a coincidence.

Joel said...

I watched it this AM when it first broke and the unicorn and the triangle were sooooo familiar. Great production values, looks fab in HD, but the visuals like the song itself is rather mediocre. The paparazzi video was much better than this one.

Unknown said...

Like you didn't rip off all those other cheesy science fiction films before either with "Multinauts." Lame honey.

David Mason said...

Of course Multinauts lifts from the sci fi genre, thats obvious, its a campy kids show. The difference here is shes lifting from US DIRECTLY, not a vague lift, a direct conceptual lift. It would be like us doing star wars , having the same story, the same concept of a hero and same concept of a villain, a gold robot sidekick and passing it off like its ours.
Dont be another jealous queen. Jealousy is a disease, get well soon.

David Mason said...

...and to answer statement before you even make it, you ARE jealous because youre upset that Lady Gaga clearly pays attention to what IM doing and nobody pays attention to you because you dont DO ANYTHING. So if youre gonna come for me from the convenience of anonymity all I ask is that you, like me, give youre name up so we can all see who you are, what you do, and where youre from... Im an open book, I put myself out here for your critique, what about you?

MeJohnMurphy said...

I've always thought GaGa was "borrowing" from you. If this hits Perez that'll be great exposure.

gloomybearattack said...

Lady Gaga has always been sci-fi outerspace inspired.

"Transmission Gagavision. Lady Gaga has been sent to Earth to infiltrate human culture one sequin at a time" August 2008

The head orbit seen in V-Magazine. Body Orbit seen in Bad Romance. and the Orbit in the Monster Ball.
She may have known the word Multiverse for quite a while.

Majority of people are saying there's inspiration from Fritz Lang's Metropolis.

The inverted triangle is a gay symbol, and is being used as so.

Unicorns have been the symbol of this era. At her shows, fans have thrown Disney Princess dolls and plush Tinkerbells onstage and she beheads them. Plush Unicorns "survive". She revealed the album name with a tattoo which is of a Unicorn.

Malibu Eric said...

All of the artistic lifting issues aside, that girl is smoking gigantic amounts of weed! She admits to smoking copius amounts during song writing and clearing is smoking during the video storyboard meetings.
At the end of the day, I was bored during her video. P.S. what was the pronounced fake gap in her teeth at the end? Yet another homage to her idol, Ms Madonna? Bleck.

Unknown said...

it was the first thing i thought when i saw the video.... TOTALLY MULTINAUTS

Unknown said...

Its the first thing I thought when I saw the video.... TOTALLY MULTINAUTS

Unknown said...

Its the first thing I thought when I saw the video.... TOTALLY MULTINAUTS

Unknown said...

Joke right?

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Boy, do you queens take your Dianetics seriously.

I remember kickin' it with Ra back in ancient Egypt...just hanging around the Stargate and debating over who dipped whom's pyra-sphinx into whose chocolate.

Well, I think the waffles said it best: 'Let go thy Eggo.'

If you'll excuse me, I need some commercially-produced snack treats.

Multi-naut Stewart

Anonymous said...

honestly, when i first saw it, i heard multiverse and immediately thought of you. then forgot about it.
but now seeing THE MULTINAUTS and BORN THIS WAY side by side, it is a definite RIP OFF!!! or maybe a better term direct "INSPIRATION"
i don't think that GAGA is coming up with the concept and EDITED the video. (obviously)
but the PRODUCER and/or ART DIRECTOR and/or GAGA should ALL buy FULL NET SUITS from you in ALL COLORS and while they are at it, GAGA should do your NEXT commercial for FREE!!!
just kidding about the last part, but WOW!!!

Ron Pieket said...

We already knew, but now it's official. David, you're a TRENDSETTER. And Ms. Gaga gets a point for using the word "mitosis" in a music video.

gavin said...

She is definitely biting from House of Vader, Exterface, Multinauts and Zombie Boy.

I mean, these styles are too recent and trendy for any self-respecting artist to steal right now.

If Ga Ga had a passion for the source material and came up with her own take on My Little Pony or BBC sci-fi from the '80s, it would still be wrong because Exterface and Multinauts beat her to it.

She needs to get her own observations that nobody else thought of.

ZOMBIE BOY is played out! First Mugler repurposed him, and now Ga Ga is trying to serve us SLOPPY THIRDS!

Is Lady Ga Ga BANKRUPT of originality?

Even her song is too derivative of "Express Yourself" by Madonna.

This is theft, not inspiration.

Lady Ga Ga's stylists and art directors are all fags combing the gayest reaches of the internets for ideas to poach because they think their victims are too obscure for anyone to notice.

I could NEVER take satisfaction in achieving success through other people's work.

JamTheCat said...

You got ripped, buddy...but that whole song is a rip. Lady Gaga's down to stealing from everything she can since she can't come up with something solid on her own. She even stole Bernard Herman's iconic music for "Vertigo" and totally misapplied it.

Dave, you're fierce. She's just...fiddly.

Black Nyx said...

Totally agree with you on this one Mistah Mason. Oh, and what is up with her dancing in flip-flops?! Really? Flip-flops??

Stanimal5 said...

I'm sure Gaga has seen your stuff if she's got the Scissor Sisters opening up her tour.

swine said...

Ur being pretty nice bout this. I'd be pissed as hell, considering she's gonna be making millions from stealing ur styling ideas. If she likes what u do so much, she should offer u some sort of consulting gig.

eric said...

I think it also referenced the beginning of Dune

and this:

gavin said...

Ga Ga owes House of Vader and Multinauts a tweet-out AT LEAST.

Unknown said...

I think it(s very difficult to tell exactly who created what. Each artist uses unconscious memories of things he has seen, sometimes years before. I think every artist gives a new form of the same big themes, and it's what she does. I can't believe this girl has no inspiration, but it's obvious that she - and her team who is called Haus of Gaga - searches the symbols of now in the cybersphere.

Braver said...

I love ur work and I love her work Long Live to POP LIFE!

The people needs to relax and be Happy, and just enjoy the music..

U are Great David That Why I follow u!


Kurt Walters said...

If she does anything Nagel.. then we KNOW she's on us...

Aaron said...

Gaga is more than a parasite, she is a pop culture WOOD CHIPPER,
Having said that, Multinauts does borrow heavily from 70's and 80' sci fi so there you go. Pop culture is like a big blob that absorbs everything it touches, no point in getting mad, it's just the way things are.
This always happens to people who are ahead of their time, dont worry, you will be the one with the next idea not her.

Bronson said...

Just take it as a compliment. As art directors, we draw upon what we see and like, and that doesn't constitute a rip-off. When you put it out there, you become part of the zeitgeist. Look it up, that's what it's for. Well done.

alan vitek said...

I think blame could be being placed on the wrong person here. I'm not saying there are or aren't similarities, that much is pretty straightfoward, but what I am saying is there is more here than just what's on the surface.

First of all, let's note that there are a HUGE amount of people involved in any type of video work. Gaga's producers, and the director Nick Knight probably had a lot to say in regards to the direction of this video.

Personally, I see much of Nick's work as very inspirational and fairly original, if not also tied into many of the 70s great directions (Ridley Scot anyone?).

Is it possible that lady gaga used the triangle intro for the fact that the triangle is a universal symbol for the female sex (hence the manifesto/birth ideology)? Also, the term "multiverse" while used in both videos, isn't necessarily a vague, niche word. Anyone who has taken an astronomy class has certainly studied the concept of multiple universes.

I dont know. I want to believe that most of these ideas were original to Gaga, but with the amount of people involved, and the fact that popart is a giant bubble of recycled images/references, can i really expect much of anything else?

I guess I'm on the fence for this one.

Unknown said...



The whole space triangle thing was hipster art school generic way before Multinauts, like played out allready DAVID!
You're so fucking UUUGH! Like that's the worst kind; when you're so on trend you see something happening and try to blame everyone around you for ripping it off?! becasue YOU DEVELOPED IT?!

I was the one who made ANTLERS COOL IN 2007!
I brough back CUPCAKES and everyone copied me!
I was the first to COLLAGE METAL STUDS ON SHOULDER PADS and shoes!
It's everywhere Mr.Vader!

Unknown said...

Like; Google SPACE TRIANGLE and you'll find mass market T SHIRTS with PINK SPACE TRIANGLES that say "I'm fucking Hipster", or for another laugh Google "Space Triangle Moustache" and you'll find some nice meme combo, Also "another hipster space triangle; it looks so indie" has been view several thousand times for a few weeks, like; THIS SHIT IS OUT THERE ALLREADY

Google Multiverse and you'll find 2.600,000 million results, including top hits from the current season of FAMILY GUY?!

LIKE... IT'S FASHION, ITS A CYCLE, YOU'RE PART OF IT. Try and see it from the outside and realize it's not creating, it's regenerating. Even if you're first on the next thing; it's fucking algebraic, it follows suit!
Aaaaand isn't that the whole joke of Multinauts? Isn't it supposed to be an on-point, on-trend memeified 80's reference cycle?

go to the art school illustration design shows and see whats going to be over exposed for next year, then try to claim it while its fresh, maybe you'll pull it off. But don't wait until the biggest video in the world is allready there and say you started it.
Plus I may be wrong but isn't Multinauts NOT YOUR IDEA anyway?

Unknown said...

aaaand one more thing, I don;t see the unicorn in the Multinauts clips. Like did you invent unicorns? or bring them into super exposure levels? Were unicorns not hipster before your photo? Are you the only one using 80's pop references today?

NO? So...are you saying because she stole the multinauts space triangle, she also went on to troll your blog for other points of reference and took the unicorn too?

Isn't it more a visual pun to do with the Horsehead Nebula?

Yea I think so

-Powerdown egobot

Avenjer said...

I'll mention one more added "inspiration" that no one has brought up yet...the instrumental music at the start of her video and through the manifesto is from Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." And it actually fits nicely I think.

David Mason said...

Ok kid Let me make it all clear how they were clearly influenced by me. Lady Gaga has hired art directors to work for her. I happen to know them and they know me and I work with them. Also one of her major stylists, not her main stylist, also styles the Scissor Sisters, he obviously knows me.
I didnt wanna say anything because I didnt want it to come off as shadey but being that TWO PEOPLE who work with her directly and who have seen Multinauts and any of the other things Ive art directed like the Unicorn shoot that has become a meme itself obviously were deeply influenced here.
You dont know these people because you dont do anything. I have no idea why you have to debate this as though it somehow helps you. Ive had the people IN MY HOME.
Now go play video games or whatever is people with free time do.

skankexpose said...

Not only did she rip off that, but the music accompanying it is the music from the beginning of Alfred Hitchcock's movie, VERTIGO. Watch the beginning credits of Vertigo and you'll see.