Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Night of 100 Stars Fashion shows... The coke must have been MAGICAL that night because SOMETHING turned these ladies into FAGGOTS

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god?!?!?!?... Morgan Fairchild just melted my brain... I cant get up from the chair.. I am FUCKED UP ON MORGAN FAIRCHILD POPPERS?!?!? The green gloves? The THUMPING BASE?!?!?!? The women are acting like MEN that are ACTING LIKE WOMEN?!?!?!? I have honestly NEVER seen women act like this... EVER?! Ive always WANTED TO... but I never have.... Swoozie Kurtz is a FAGTARD and I LOVE IT!!!! Beverly Johnson serving us an ERTE' SIEG HEIL ?!?!? Cathy Lee Crosby in MUGLER?!?!?!? The world has TURNED UPSIDE DOWN... Its upside down right now.. i am SURE OF IT We are all sitting at our computer with LIONEL RICHIE ON THE CEILING?!?!?!?!?!? OH GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be like this when me and all my fag friends are OLD and at the Rupaul Center for Assisted Living!!!!!!!!!
... ps and can we give a SHOUT OUT to Miss Stephanie Powers for PUTTING ON A HAPPY FACE after being assigned a shitty ANNE KLEIN ensemble?!?!?... I mean that is the proof miss stephanie is a PROFESSIONAL and a TROOPER!!!


pj said...

OMG! Beverly Johnson = Erte SPOT ON! All Raquel Welch needed was a lighting bolt earring and she'd be a Nagle. Thanks for sharing!

manialee said...

That's the campest shit EVERRRRR!!
( Swoozie ruined my horny a little, with her tranny-trainer heels!)
Lovin' the website, keep up the good work!

Sue said...

That first clip is amazing - it is as if someone said that it is your last moment on earth ladies so make it a big one! And they did!

Holly said...

This is just glorious. I am happy that this was what shaped me.

brando said...

God bless the motherfucking 80s!!! How on earth did they convince all of these women to walk TOGETHER with the endless amount of egos?!?!

I'm positive the person that pulled this off also put Reagan in office. Okay, the nitty gritty.

DIAHANN CARROLL & LINDA EVENS stepping out of cars... amazing. Diahann lingering on stage longer than she's supposed to... divine.

1. Dyan Cannon NEVER misses an opportunity to make an outfit juuuust a taste of slutty with her bikini top... under an EVENING DRESS.

2. Heather Locklear in JC Penny... soo mean but soo perfect.

3. Since Joan Collins didn't walk, I'll happily take Susan Lucci.

4. Hey Diedre Hall, the tag is showing on your Bob Mackie fur.

5. Caroline Herrara doesn't care about your stupid gowns, she's giving you fever in A WHITE PANTSUIT!!

5. David, you are soooo Lisa Hartman in the second video (7:00).

6. How is it that no one fell with the speed those bitches were going down those steps.

7. Brooke Shields should close everything, even this list.