Thursday, February 17, 2011

Out magazine interviews a few people about Francois Sagat, including yours truly..

Click on OUT MAGAZINE to read the whole article. I actually get quoted talking about the tranny thing I just wrote about below... We made some custom pieces for the shoot...
From the article by Tony Philips... its weird to read me written about by my full name...
This same magnetism attracted fetish couture maestro David Mason Chlopecki to begin a symbiotic business relationship with the porn star. Chlopecki clothes him for shoots and films while Sagat appears in videos and ads for Slick It Up, the designer’s raunchy line. During his recent New York City visit, Sagat stayed in Chlopecki’s apartment and shared his bed. The host is quick to mention that they merely slept together -- "no touchie touchie," he clarifies. In fact, he’s more interested in Sagat’s behavior the next morning. "He was such a great houseguest," Chlopecki says. "He did the dishes every day and made the bed. And he made it beautifully. I would see him smooth out the pillows and I think, Oh, Fran├žois cares for things."

Then he volunteers another comment, which seems telling, if unrelated. "We’re MTM trannies," Chlopecki says. "If you’re on hormones, it doesn’t matter if you’re male taking female hormones or male taking male hormones. That’s a tranny. It doesn’t matter which direction you’re going, you’re on tranny highway."


Braver said...

Our King! AMEN

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dave, for linking the article. After readidng it, I have a few thoughts:

1)I'm not sure if Francy is going to make it into mainstream acting. Not because of any acting deficiency but because of his tattood head. Unless he can grow a full head of hair to cover it up, the tattoo will not allow him to be fully versatile.

2)Why, oh, why did I think his muscles were all natural?

3)If the sheer camo thong/singlet is ANY indication of a new line you might be developing, I definitely think it will be successful! I can only imagine how many guys, after seeing it referenced to SIU, went to the website to try to buy one!!