Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slick It Up full body Net suit

THAT its what you call a WAIST! ... I want one! Click on SLICK IT UP to get one now at a DISCOUNT using coupon code "houseofvader"


Anonymous said...

David, I think this is the first image of a black man that you've posted in your gear! :-) Are you turning multi-culti?

David Mason said...

Oh no Ive posted a bunch. I know Ive posted 3 separate ones of the poster whos name I cant think of right now but hes super sweet. And ones of other guys Ive received.
Ive asked a few african american guys to model before but got a non reponse. Timing is a big thing. Ive had guys ask to model before too who were good but id just shot other people or theyre in another place then where the photographers are etc.