Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TRUE waist size in jeans. Your jeans are SHADEY trash talkin' liars!

At Slick It Up we do ACTUAL waist size suggestions so when you order from us measure your waist with a measuring tape or string before you order. You'll be surprised about how much bigger you are then you THOUGHT. I had this RUDE AWAKENING about 6 years ago when I dated this dude who was a dress maker and I was like "Im a 34" waist." and he was like "You are NOT a 34" waist." He got out a measuring tape and I was a 36?! Jeans lie, the worst offender being OLD NAVY but Ive never heard of anyone buying jeans at Old Navy so none of us have to worry but.... Actually looking at this list I dont see any jeans brand anyone I know wears but.. its the idea that you should know your TRUE waist size as it will help you when ordering a proper size and, like me, probably get you to do some cardio which never hurts. Pick up some jeans at SLICK IT UP now, nothing will make you look better... our jeans dont lie!


Eric Arvin said...

So true! It's such a hassle trying to find a good-fitting pair of pants becase every brand goes by different size charts.

James said...

Wouldn't the waist-band of jeans have to be your actual waist measurement only if you wore them at your waist instead of your hips?

Jay said...

Where do you buy your jeans? We must know!

I buy mine at Old Navy. It's true. :(