Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ask Dave...: This is the first time Ive done this kind of posting so I decided to go with (biological) ladies first

Holly said...
I have actually thought you should do this for a long time. So yeah.

What is in your refrigerator? Like, do you cook?

And I think Laissez Faire asked, but what would you consider your ultimate professional goal?

Here is a photo of the constant contents of my refrigerator, so that should answer your question of do I cook or not. The second photo is what is ON TOP of my refrigerator which is clearly more important to me. I do NOT know how to cook, at all, anything. Like I have never cooked an egg or anything. In the next dude I date Im making it a must that he either A. Knows how to cook B. Has a cook C. Has no problem in deciding what is for dinner and just makes the call every night and doesnt have to ask me what I want for dinner because the answer is always the same which is I dont care, Im just hungry. I care more about being fed then what the food is, just as long as its not something white trash would eat. I know that sounds cunty but I originally wrote "just as long as its not poor people food" but then I thought "When I was growing up we were NOT RICH and we ate fine" and then I realized its not necessarily about money but more about what the attitude is about what "food" is. Like spaghetti is poor people food but spaghetti with KETCHUP ON IT is white trash food. The idea of SPAGHETTI with KETCHUP on it, which my mother claimed they served her at my FATHERS HOUSE, sounds so disgusting to me I think id rather eat WORMS.

My ultimate professional goal is to be happy and make others happy and to be able to smile freely. I know that doesnt sound like a professional goal but understand I do what makes me happy, so whatever direction I head in if its not making me happy I wont do it. So its less about the job and more about the joy, BUT I can tell you right now making $$$ makes me happy as it brings me SECURITY which lessens my ANXIETY which brings me more joy but do not get it confused. I know it is NOT the SOURCE of joy. Its simply another pillow in that big bed of personal bliss.
So I dunno what that takes to keep me happy but i will do whatever that is to satisfy that need. Its a day by day process. im kinda fluid. I am not the type that says "I want THIS and THIS will make me happy." Im a little smarter then that. Ive been that person, but I was 21... Ive gotten smarter, believe it or not.


witomski said... can't buy happiness, but it can fund one hell of a search!!!...Huggs & Kisses....Joe

Anonymous said...

And I went to the Culinary Institute in Did I tell you I am a gourmet cook?


Sue said...

OMG! How do you live if you do not know how to cook? I mean I know you can get take-out in NYC - so like you live on Chinese?

Holly said...

Well this biological lady is honored! I am seriously about to book a flight to NYC to come cook for you! I am such a mom and the sight of your fridge made my heart do a little flip flop you must feed him!

I think you are right on about goals. Life is too short to not do something you love and you seem to be doing that. : )

David Mason said...

I live in Hell Kitchen which is the restaurant neighborhood here in Manhattan so I actually have every single kind of food around me and in Manhattan its cheaper to order food from a restaurant then it is to buy food for one at a grocery store. So I eat out every night lunch and dinner.

Manhandler said...

That refrigerator is pretty sad. My boyfriend and I both enjoy cooking and when we're home together, we always cook together in the kitchen.

gavin said...

I eat out half the time, too.

Holly said...

But I have to add that what I find hysterical is that you have baking soda in there to remove unsavory smells, but nothing in there would ever smell, unless you didn't drink the milk. : )

David Mason said...

Pah, I didnt even think about the baking soda to room the smell of nothing in there lol.

David Mason said...

ps another reason why I dont cook is because I see it as degrading. I just think its awful to have to do. It just seems like punishment and suffering. This idea really dosnt make much sense being that I think cleaning the dishes is probably far more degrading but I have no problem cleaning dishes if someone cooks for me. Im fully willing to clean if someone cooks, cooking just seems like slave labor to me. Like the idea of a CELEBRITY CHEF is a bizarre concept to me because to me thats no different then a CELEBRITY SLAVE. Being a celebrity chef sounds so degrading in my head it just seems like being a proud servant... nightmare. I refuse.
Im not saying this concept makes any sense but thats how its organized in my brain. BUT Im COMPLETELY different about dessert chefs, dessert chefs are like WIZARDS to me.

Anonymous said...

You see it that way because you think of it as hard work. Some of us look at it as an art form, a way of pleasing other people. People you care about deserve to be treated to special gourmet food and it is so rewarding to watch the expression of satisfaction in their faces.
Well, in any case, it is people like you that people like me have a reason to live so we can please you.
Just like with entertainers, there has to be an audience or you would be singing in the shower to yourself...if you sing and have a good voice; then you share it.

Joel said...

I'm amazed you can stay in such marvelous shape eating in restraunts all the time. When I was training seriously, I spent all day Sunday cooking so I'd have the right stuff to wolf down every third waking hour for the coming week.