Friday, March 11, 2011

Daily Dudes


Mathieu said...

# 2 is ridiculous - how many roids do I need to do to get that body!?

Oh and even though it appears you attempted to cover your tracks on the Conan post it was cached in my Google Reader and I THINK I put the pieces together - does it have anything to do with your random trip to BULGARIA?!

David Mason said...

Thats Bob Paris he was THE gay in the eaaaaarly 90s.
and yes it DID have something to do with it but my shot got CHOPPED. i WAS in it for a second, but now im not. You can almost see me for a second in a bath tub on the pirate ship in the background but not really :( there was me naked in a teeny bath tub on a pirate ship... but that got the chop :( Boo two weeks for nothin.