Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have Jury duty... When I think courtroom I think Joan collins in a disc hat

This is NEITHER of those things!... BUT it still brought me GREAT JOY... It honestly makes me VERY happy to know that some queen took the time to make this ..... MIND YOU they may only be a QUEEN in a CULTURAL SENSE. Theres a good chance a WOMAN in the PHILIPPINES made this BUT that doesnt mean shes not a CULTURAL HOMOSEXUAL.


Stan said...

Her glass top desk with the elephant tusk legs is MAD! Pure 70's gauche! The set designers must have been major queens too.

Lawrence said...

Joan owes her whole career to Dynasty because that was her biggest hit, Elizabeth Taylor turned down the role of Alexis. I recall one episode where Joan had a picture of herself on her desk, but it was gone by the next episode, maybe the producers thought that it was a bit much.