Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New submissions to Skeletor Saves, the charity auction Slick It Up is sponsoring for the Ali Forney Center

Untitled (Sorceress) by Dan Halm 2011
gouache & pencil on panel

Marcello Gallagos Orko (In progress)

Skeletor by Justin Jorgensen. Acrylic on board.
Untitled by Bryan Raughton (In progress, image will be framed)
” Ian Jopson vs Rough Gods “
36” x 27”
Digitally printed in museum quality archival inks onto canvas

To see more work for Skeletor Saves click HERE . The website currently has about 60% of the work up. The rest of the artwork that is presently on the site is just to represent the artist, and once their artwork is submitted we update the site, so its a TOUCH confusing right now because were adding the new work as it comes in piece by piece but Im sure you can see which art belongs in the collection and which art does not. We will take email bids as well if you cannot make it to the silent auction April 7, but you will need to provide your credit card information, this will be handled discretely by Slick It Up.


gavin said...

What if I don't have any room for more art or the time for an auction, but I still want to donate?

gavin said...

I'd love to buy a book showing all the pieces, too.

Tom said...

Nice pics!

Did you know you're on www.nightcharm.com/, Dave?

Wonder Man said...

love it