Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rupauls Drag race and why I think I haven't written about it yet even though it's my favorite show.

So I'm sitting here on day two of jury selection. I'm wearing sweat pants and a t shirt. I fantasize about pumping a lookin but I'm lazy and 35 and feel my days of serious look pumping should be gone until I'm like 75 and then I can start wearing a captains hat and customize my Jazzy to look like a Lamborgini Countach. So from now till about 50 I think I'm in "man prime" and the looks I werk will fit accordingly perhaps slightly under age but I have a young face so it works for me.
Ok so RPDR.... This season is by far the best produced yet BUT I think with this season there is a QUANDRY, though it is my favorite show so don't get me wrong Ru, I LOVE IT, it's the only tv show I watch - For real I pay 100 a month for cable just for RPDR, I just think this season is a little boring because of one simple thing, but what's funny is the one thing that makes the show awesome is the one thing that makes the show boring. I'm willing to bet you already know what the answer is... RAJA.
Raja is the blessing and the curse of this season. Shes the best queen they've ever had, though we've yet to see her perform because she's never been in the bottom two, but she's TOO GOOD. Shes a pro, far above and beyond the other queens, she knows it, we know it, and THEY know it. Like the alpha lion that sleeps all day a top his mound of concubines Raja knows his status in the jungle and is BORED. There is no threat, so none of us are worried OR excited. I'm VERY happy to watch but its more about watching Raja showing the children how it's done during the runway section then a race to the finish. Again it's like a lioness snagging a baby gazelle and just pawing it around showing the cubs how to make the kill but not exactly a KILL SCENE which we all want to see..... There's no competition and nobody is big enough to buck the alpha dog so it's just Rajas banquet and the other queens EAT THE SCRAPS. It doesn't make for exciting tv. I used to wonder why Americas Next Top Model never really had models... Now I know. If you have someone who's actually a talent it doesn't make for good tv. You need a struggle, you need people who are "hungry" not anyone established.
Now that said the show IS picking up. They've weeded out the fodder and now what's left are the most interesting.... Side note Was Mimi Imfurst not the creepiest thing ever?! I got freaked out by her neediness so bad she reminded me of the dude who tried to kill Bjork with an acid bomb! (if I wasn't on an iPhone at jury selection I'd supply the link to the video he made before he sent her the acid spitting book through the mail and then shot himself) Jarra has thankfully removed those shitty contact lenses and has grown on me. She's weird but she actually seems real and I don't think it fair that she's not a "heather" in fact I think she's smarter then all of them but Raja. I mean her looks are usually cheap and tacky but she seems to have a sense of self which I respect and how much can you ask for from a queen from Puerto Rico, there isn't exactly Vogue Puerto Rico edition ok?! She's just not gonna have the best resource materials to pull from.
No shade but I've never seen a truly fierce rican queen the cha-cha gets in the way, they're FUN don't get me wrong and I appreciate them but fierce, edgy, clever, creative... Not so much. The other rican queen left standing genuinely seems sweet BUT I can't remember her name so that tells you something. Manilla I had high hopes for but she plays to the camera in the "real world" moments too clearly and she's not funny BUT I do appreciate her creativity and her outfits are usually the best. I was very appreciative of the pineapple dress, the big bird dress and the first episode sushi earrings.
If you ask me who's gonna win the clear winner should be Raja BUT is it like TOO obvious??????
It's curious to me. In my mind I've created a SCHEME I feel like raja and Ru had a talk. Raja is gonna pull the contest for sake of good tv but get her own check on the side.... I dunno it's just what I've conjured in my brain.
Has anyone else noticed the fisting porn actor who's one of the two boys that play the "barkers beauties" role in the show? He used to always come to IML, sweet dude. I kinda secretly wanna be one of those dudes but like do it witha friend and pump serious looks and have a more beefed up role on the show. Like if Francois and I, or Chase and I did it and got to not only serve body but also a little cunt on the side. I think those two dudes role is underplayed and could be executed more fully and supply some humor and sex appeal to the show. Like they sorta just shuffle out and stand there bored and humiliated. If by chance they were a tiny bit more interactive like how Bob Barker was with Janice, Diane and Holly ( yes I know all their names) it could be fun and cute. Every good character has a side kick or two. I think a couple of buff full queen boys could be hot and fun but REAL hard to cast because that is soooo hard to find as it's easy to find a buff queen, and it's easy to find a full queen, but it's HARD to find one that is both and can also laugh at himself / be funny. The fisting kid seems to be this but I think they just need to at least NAME THEM. I want a way to relate. Like it doesn't even have to be their real names, Taco and Paco would suffice.


RJ said...

A guilty pleasure
Agree completely about Raja, she is so fierce & beautiful

Unknown said...

Raja is the best and deserves to win. So yeah, it's kind of a foregone conclusion. Where are all the other fierce queens? I had high hopes for Mimi, but was she a freak.

Malibu Eric said...

Drag Race changed my snide opinion of drag to very positive, thanks Ru. Jason and Shawn (which one is the fister? wow) are the best pit crew yet, they scream "we are so happy to be on TV!" each episode.
When Raja pounced the runway in her Native American look...damn that was a lesson for the other queens to take note of.
Still a fan of Nina Flowers, poor Tyra Sanchez can't spell the word drag but looks fab and needy Mimi needs a liftime of hugs. LOVE the show!

Anonymous said...

I thought Delta was beautiful. Too bad she was insecure. I also heard that she's been doing some not so flattering interviews about the show.

I'd love to know which of the pit crew did fisting videos and his porn name. I think the white guy is HOT! You're right David, they need to show them more. I feel like the did in past seasons.

Black Nyx said...

I've wondered the same thing about Raja, and I'm totally in love with her.

Here's something else - Raja used to do make-up on ANTM. So did Mathu Anderson. There were episodes that they worked together on. Mathu has done RuPaul's make-up for ages.

It seemed strange to me that Raja would then appear on RPDG as a contestant when there was such a close connection. I'm not hating, but just connecting the dots.

Raja is serving the same moment that Pepper Lebeija was serving at the beginning of Paris is Burning, and the MC says 'Learn it, and learn it well!!'. Every time she comes out on the runway it's just a cut above the rest. She makes them all look tatty.

What you mention about Raja maybe collecting a paycheck I wondered about Shangela as well. I just couldn't figure out how she managed to stay on the show as long as she did when she's not even at Drag 101 level yet. It seemed like she was there just to stir it up and that she was protected.

dayvesanz said...

Hey my name is Dayve and I am a HUGE fan of your blog and religiously read it, I even have it on my phone desktop. Anyways I was excited to see you write about this RuPauls Drag Race topic because I am one of the casting directors for the shows and live here in Hollywood, all the queens from this season are in town right now to film the reunion episode and I am hanging out with Carmen Carrera and was curious what you thought of her?
PS. Who do u think the are going to bring back?