Monday, March 7, 2011

To all you KUNTS who denied me... and I had nothing to do with these articles even.

HERE in French
HERE in English
My friend Jennifer Stratford worked very hard on this, yes its campy, but she TOILED in front of a computer for a year to make that damn thing. She deserves the credit. Im glad others see it....
and just in case you still dont belive here is yet ANOTHER French article about it. This from Voici.
Dear FRANCE... Thanks for the BACK UP!


Joel said...

The article pretty much sums it up. Maybe time for some folks to lawyer up?

Holly said...

I hope this article gets picked up because didn't Jennifer spend her last penny on this project? It's one thing to lift from another artists ideas and make them your own, but to straight out photocopy is wrong.

Kurt Walters said...

This reminds me of Damien Hirst (sp?) and an article I read recently on how much he mops from this one artist, or 'reinterpreted', and yet, the public knows the diamond skull, and formaldehyde cows as Hirsts... is it just the credit goes to the loudest in the group? It's so wrong, yet seems so endemic... really sad.

gavin said...

The type of stealing that Ga Ga is doing is not actionable -- it's legal.

Basically, MULTINAUTS Jennifer would have to prove in court that she lost money because a consumer mistook BORN THIS WAY for MULTINAUTS.

America is a free country based on competition, which is why it has been legal for Pepsi to basically copy Coke.

CONCEPTS can be legally stolen, but not EXACT FORMULAS.

This is how we get generic alternatives to prescription drugs. And it's also how Lady Ga Ga gets away with not having ideas of her own.

She bites little creative concepts from people like Madonna or MULTINAUTS, then combines, tweaks and repurposes them for an overall whole that is legally different enough from all of her victims.

In the fashion world, BORN THIS WAY's video intro would be called a "knockoff" of MULTINAUTS.

Copying "Express Yourself" might be called "vintage" or "retro." But Ga Ga doesn't bring much new and original to it.

It's really up to WE, the public, to give credit where credit is due; to appreciate who's inspired versus who's a thief; to spot which designers are truly original or have new observations you've never seen before.

You'll notice that Jennifer Juniper Stratford based her work on many influences as well -- HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY ('80s BBC), STAR TREK, LAND OF THE LOST, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, plus a lot more.

But Stratford's influences were OLD and OBSCURE enough to justify re-examination. She showed originality in what she picked to resurrect -- she wasn't just jumping on the bandwagon of something that was CURRENTLY done or currently trendy.

And Stratford's vision usually just elicits styles of her influences VAGUELY with lots of details that are new and unique to her.

That's different from copying bits of other artists TO THE LETTER and then stringing them together.

I don't think Lady Ga Ga is technically a plagiarist, a copyright infringer or completely unoriginal.

But I think she's more of a biter and a trend CHASER than an original or trend SETTER.

She's less unique, devoted and knowledgeable than someone like Stratford.

Katy Perry is even worse than Ga Ga in the world of Thieving Pop Divas ("California Girls" = "Tik Tok").

Support artists who are less explicit copycats.

P.S. For an interesting documentary about the same problem, see Banksy's EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. You should actually call it a "prankumentary."

But you get to watch how much a talentless painter/sculptor can succeed by doing a half-assed, recycled Warhol schtick and dropping the names of Banksy and Shepard Fairey -- it's pretty astounding how many people will buy into vapid, copied artwork.

fang said...

I showed the Multinauts trailer to a friend last night then played her the Gaga video - she almost spat her vodka out of her mouth!

Anonymous said...

I get that you guys are all fans or friends of the people who worked on the Multinauts. Unfortunately, the most you can realistically claim is that the triangle and pyramid (neither of which are exactly new on the radar, usage-wise) from the beginning of her video were inspired by the Multinauts trailer. I'm not a Gaga fan, and am happy to agree that what she produces is deeply derivative, but this whole thread is weak and unsubstantiated. If all this bullshit is an attempt to bring attention to the Multinauts, I can respect a little publicity-fishing, but otherwise this is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I get that you guys must all be fans or friends of the people who worked on the Multinauts. Unfortunately, the most you can realistically claim is that the initial triangle and pyramid (neither of which are exactly new on the radar, usage-wise) at the beginning of her video were possibly inspired by the Multinauts trailer. Any claim beyond that seems weak and unsubstantiated. I'm happy to agree that what Gaga produces is deeply derivative, and I'm not a fan by any stretch of the imagination, but this seems like a case of the little guy hating on the big guy for being bigger. Her video goes in a much different, albeit questionable direction, and the most noteworthy images from the it seem to have no connection whatsoever to the other trailer. If all this bullshit is just a little publicity-fishing for a mostly unnoticed project (that itself appears to be a shameless mish-mash of source material), I get that, but otherwise this is a joke.