Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two quick things....

1. Im over your gay child singing on youtube.
2. I realize I only like brown eyed guys now as an adult BECAUSE OF MY DOG?! I was just staring at his picture thinking how much I loved him and how he was my best friend and looking at his eyes it all came to me "Oh fuck Im in love with my old dog!?" I remember the first guy I dated when he would whine something to me that a couple times I honestly SLIPPED and let out an exhausted "Bull?!" when I meant to say "Ray!?". It happened twice and I remember he could NOT believe it was real, and it WAS?! To me it was just the same feeling of when my dog would whimper for something, being a pain in the ass... and the dude was short, brown haired, barrel chested, and fuzzy! My dog on the other hand, unlike Ray, could handle his liquor.
ps I was gonna post a picture of my dog but I like him too much to share. Hes not for everyone.