Friday, April 1, 2011

Radio interview with four gays , myself included, talking about He-man and Skeletor Saves and such...

Id start it at 8:00 when we start talking about which characters are our favorites and why....


gavin said...

I've been watching episodes of the 2002 cartoon re-boot of HE-MAN, and it's actually much better than the original!

The stories are solid, the stakes are higher, the threats are really homicidal and severe; the characters' powers are consistent and thoroughly played through.

And Skeletor is even SASSIER!

Watch him escape He-Man from 3:10 in the clip:

"Such courage! I believe I'm going to GAG."

"Oh, and He-Man ... I LIED!" LOL

gavin said...

And how about Mer-Man's giant, flying blowfish pet? @ 3:20:

Talk about a creature that is more fierce than you!

Rob said...

"...why they didnt have all red ones for Valentines though?" Then I stopped and asked myself why do I always have to take a good thing and then find a negative with my new found joy?"

Damn. Sometimes I think you're me.