Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear person who made this thank you for recognizing my existence

My friend Justin found this, I dunno where but THANK YOU GOD whoever you are for making this. By shooting this photo they let me know I AM NOT ALONE. Im assuming that you TRUE House of Vader fans will get this photo. That LADY LAMP from the Skymall catalogue is LEGEND in my mind. I remember the first time I saw her even, flipping through the catalogue on the way to CHICAGO and amongst the REMOTE CONTROL ROBOT SHARK and PUPPY RAMP for your bed THERE SHE WAS....( Cue "Oh Yeah" by Yello) "WOAH... wait a minute?! WHOS SHE?!" Shes AWESOME and GROSS at the same time! I LOVE awesome and gross at the same time! We became FAST FRIENDS... in my mind. i must admit though in the real lamp I hate the boots SO MUCH. WHY IS SHE WEARING BOOTS WITH A LEGER COCKTAIL DRESS?!?!?! Im still gonna hang out with her, but I dunno. Im gonna secretly try and get her to LOOSE THE BOOTS... with a CHUNKY heel?!... omg I BARF and DIE!... Its like a FAKE NAGEL, it BORDERS on TOTALLY FIERCE but is SO SKANK you dont even wanna stand next to it for fear someone will take your photo. I also like that they referenced "Nigger Arabesque" by Jean-Paul Goude with the plug and the moulding. Well done stranger and THANK YOU for putting in the effort to an obscure reference that most people wouldnt get! Its these sort of things that make you feel recognized.

UPDATE!!! It turns out this photo is by Jean Paul Goude himself... DUH... No wonder I like it so much and the fact that it references "Nigger Arabesque" its his own work?! Hes my favorite artist of all time, of course the one time I write a thank you to a random anonymous artists its the ONE I loved from the start... So thank you Jean-Paul Goude... You rule.


M said...

I can never listen to that song without thinking of that scene between Michael J. Fox and Margaret Whitton in The Secret of My Success. Whatever happened to her anyway, she was always fun to watch.

Lawrence said...

I first saw that mannequin floor lamp for sale in the Design Toscano catalog. Check out their website they have many replicas of historic statues, some cheesy & some are downright cool!

Temper Tantrum said...

The photo of the lady lamp and the Grace Jones piece are the creations of Jean Paul Goude. His book is amazing and very inspiring