Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Devils Double sounds amazing and the poster is rad

Have you heard about this true story? Its shocking, Saddam Hussein and his son truly had citizens of Iraq kidnapped and forced plastic surgery on them to make them identical twins of themselves to make appearances at "risky" events. The extra fucked up part is that the clone of the son was actually the sons FRIEND and they said he was killed to his parents and forced him to be his STUNT DOUBLE... I really wanna see this movie. Tim Palen shot the poster, thats why its good. they really painted the dude gold too.


gavin said...

Everyone at Sundance said it was a good movie.

And I will watch ANYTHING with Dominic Cooper, he's so fucking hot.

gavin said...

Dave, isn't the suit worn here by porn star Dominic Pacifico one of yours?

Pacifico is a HOT bottom and one of the rare stars who sucks dick truly WELL.


gavin said...

Tell us what you think of the new Grace Jones single!


David Mason said...

Yes it was the special edition suit we made :)
The new Grace Jones single I heard a while ago, didnt care for it.