Thursday, April 28, 2011

Id like modern art if it had dinosaurs in it... I could not agree with this kid more ?!

At some point I want my home to have a turquoise pool with a a fiberglass hot pink T-Rex fighting a turquoise and purple spikey prey dinosaur with chrome cacti and a big light up sign or maybe a GIANT WHITE SCULPTED HEAD or GIANT WHITE HAND embedded in the ground... just putting it out there so that it can happen.

Or wait, maybe we make it a BLACK swimming pool in an amorphous shape and make it like an African watering hole with all the animals around it but the animals are all in psychedelic or neon colors oh and the black pool has a Graphic HOT PINK Lightening bolt tiled through it, or a turquoise and purple spiral....

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DeepBlue said...

LOL. Love it! And the truth always comes out of the mouth of children.