Thursday, April 28, 2011

Im excited about hosting a friend who has never been to the USA this week!

I have a friend, Ferid, the Gladiator Harness model on SLICK IT UP, and hes coming to America for the first time ever on Sunday and I must say Im VERY excited to show someone AMERICA...
The idea of being able to paint for someone what I think is important about America is AWESOME, so of course Im showing him NEW YORK and LA and THATS IT! The rest of it can get off its ass and show him itself when it manages to put itself together in a respectable manner.
I told him its basically like this clip everywhere you go, 24/7. Walking to get doughnuts, its sorta like this. Dropping off laundry.. its pretty much just like this... late night hook up?... Its EXACTLY LIKE THIS! Hope hes not let down.


Jim said...

Ferid is in for a'll be a great tour guide :)

Sue said...

I think he will have a mind-blowing time with you!