Monday, April 25, 2011

Nobody remembers these assholes, BUT I DO!!!

Nobody got into the Montclair ads like I did as a child because NOBODY ever references them though they have been in my lexicon of reference material, sadly, since I saw them.... were they appealing to gays??? The ads would be in ROLLING STONE or PEOPLE or VOGUE or COSMOPOLITAN. I only know this because those were the magazines we got at my house, and do not even get me started about the FREE GAY SEX CHAT LINES that would be advertised in back of Rolling Stone, I have called that free chat line since I was 14?!!! and, again sadly, I STILL DO.. when im in a pinch?!
But anyways, what was the motivating factor for these ads, who were they trying to attract?! To me this ad reads "ASSHOLE" or to be honest "AWESOME ASSHOLE" or even more honest "AWESOME FAGGOTY ASSHOLE". Like I totally get it, but by NO MEANS am I anyone that any company should be marketing towards because you will be appealing to NOBODY BUT ME and 6 other tranny children that are STAKED OUT IN SMALL TOWNS across America. I mean obviously they did work because here I am writing about them twenty years later, BUT I DONT SMOKE CIGARETTES?! So as far as advertising goes theyre a FLOP, BUT as far as ART GOES they are.... ALSO A FLOP?!... Pah, sometimes I make myself laugh hard... but I take that art flop comment back because as far as ART goes theyre AMAZING. Out of the MILLIONS of images, let alone advertising images, Ive seen in the past twenty years these have managed to burn into my brain, so theyre clearly VERY SUCCESSFUL. Not the way the cigarette company wanted Im sure as a pay off 20 years down the road is hardly worth waiting for, but whoever art director thought of this.. THANK YOU, I TOTALLY GET YOU. Cigarettes are gross, your ads are gross, the pose is mentally ill but EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, and you are AWESOME for making them.

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Thombeau said...

HA! I love this post and I love YOU! Thanks for bringing a momentary smile to my otherwise grim visage.

AND: At first I thought that guy was Beverly Leslie from Will & Grace but I was very wrong.