Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reality is sometimes a kick in the nutz, BUT how you interpret that reality is the key...

Originally I was way let down upon seeing the RAW reality of the making of "Nigger Arabesque". I could have left it at, "Oh, Thats a let down." but if you think about it a little more you realize that its nice to know that imagination is very very powerful, and imagination is what it took to make the image so compelling. Talent is what it took, not just nature. Its rare and hard to "improve" upon nature I think, but when its well done it is the manifestation of thoughts/dreams into reality which is basically MAGIC, but nobody realizes that. Like taking a fantasy or a concept and turning it into physical reality is pretty impressive especially when its a concept or fantasy you relate to and can appreciate. Its like finding someone in a crowd of strangers who speaks the same language.

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