Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I dont wanna keep going on about the Life Ball BUT...

Remember how I said I couldnt think of anything in the US bigger then the Life Ball, The OLYMPICS is bigger but I cant think of anything else... Here is the opening show... all TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF IT?!?!?! Francois makes his STAR TURN at 2:12 50 and its quite rad.

This doesnt even include the party afterward which is what I was there for, after this show everyone who has a ticket, 1000,00 Euros?!?! or 75.00 euros if you have a good costume, and they get fucked up, but no drugs, Red Bull is like water in Austria being that it comes from there and they all get fucked up on Red Bull and Vodka... its cute. I sat backstage and ate pastries.


sobehotfun said...

That's a different video... :)

krestikinoliki said...

please! send me the link from where I can download the full length show as you place it on youtube!!!
send it to