Thursday, May 19, 2011

My totally bored play by play...

I'm at the meeting place for the lifeball plane. I dont know anyone. It's me, Kenny Kenny, and male models... It's open bar, it's noon. There are two bouncers and two bartenders and everyone just sitting here awkwardly.... Oh! Amanda arrived.... Leopard pencil skirt, patent leather waist cincher belt, black angora sweater that only covers the breasts, leopard cocktail hat... Kennys look isn't bad either, black bolero jacket with high wasted jewel tone green, not teal,  palazzo pants, NUDE scarf... The nude scarf is clever and unanticipated. 
I decided to just walk over to Mandy and Kenny an make friends. We worked together 900 years ago and she still remembered. How thoughtful!
I'm on the bus now on the way to the airport. It's me, Amanda, Kenny Kenny, and thirty male models... Please oh please can this bus crash, roll, and tear open because it would make the best photoshoot ever!


Lawrence said...

I hope that you have a blast honey!

Mr Mexico said...

I just received my Slick it Up mask in less than a week!!!!!
Im in the UK!!!!!!!!!
Great service and the Thank You card from you made my dick twitch ;0)

brando said...

All I can think of now is that scene from The Eyes of Laura Mars at the beginning with the models fighting at the car crash!