Monday, May 16, 2011

A sneak peek at my outfit for the Life Ball in Vienna

You cant just say The Life Ball, you have to say The Life Ball in Vienna, otherwise why bother?!
The mask gives you an idea of what the rest of the suit looks like. Making the best of my time fasting today and yesterday for my colonoscopy, which you all should get, Ive spent hours BLOGGING and WAY MORE TIME gluing crystals to spandex.... Im happy with the results though.. FOR SOME STRANGE REASON should you ever have to glue stones to spandex the trick is to be sure to use GEM TAC and stuff the outfit first so its pre stretched out when you do the gluing, otherwise when you put the spandex on it will stretch and all the stones will pop off!
For example, this is my little friend Francois stuffed and ready for SPARKLE MAGIC.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to take a picture with the costume on? I for one would love to see it.


Griffin said...

Look at your abs! Pass the cheese, 'cause I got some gratin' to do!
And I always thought Francois was a big guy. Next to you, he looks like a pee wee. tee hee.

Rob Caprese said...

have fun at the Life Ball! I have been there twice and it has always been a lot of fun. Your costume looks very hot, btw. Can't wait to see pictures with wearing it at the Ball.