Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some custom color Slick It Up gear for Exterface... Check out their latest shoot for Lash mag

Parisian WIZARDS Exterface asked me to make a couple pieces for their "Miami" inspired shoot. I made some ombre Slick Jeans and an ombre sleeveless shirt. NO they arent available on the site but you can buy the classic all black versions at SLICK IT UP.
ps. Dont worry if you dont know what "ombre" means. I didnt know till last year myself. Its when something has a color blend from one to another, like the pink to yellow on the jeans :)


Sue said...

What is this new model's name????

gavin said...

The sleeveless shirt is VERY cool, especially beyond the color black.

duaner said...

LOVE these! and xander says summer 2011 is ALL ABOUT OMBRE! :)