Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ummmmm really ?

I dont know if I could have even asked for this as a kid, my mother would NOT have been feeling it!... but believe me I WOULD HAVE BEEN FEELING IT!


Joe M. said...

I totally would have been into this! People somehow always act confused when I tell them that my sexual tastes were influenced by the men in violent video games I used to play as a kid. I swear, sometimes the marketing/colors/graphics in the porn I watch are exactly the same as the stuff I was into back then.

sobehotfun said...

Duke's Big Package! Cumming soon! :)

potrero said...

Duke was around when you (and I) were young! Maybe you just don't remember it, but his macho persona was around back in 1996 and earlier. They didn't lay on the "package" asepct as thick, but he was still over the top.