Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creature thats more fierce then YOU of the day: Parisian snowgress AND the unknown creature that CANNOT BEAR her SPIRITED REVUE

Dear God France how I love thee!!!....Did a BABOON just run on stage during that performance?! I swear I just saw some MOTTLED SHAGGY CREATURE just HIT THE HIGH ROAD during this performance?!... You know animals have a sixth sense about MAJOR NATURAL DISASTERS... need I say more???
p.s You gotta give points for NERVE to the Parisian queen, I mean WOW... that took INSANE BALLS. To pull a STUNT like that in front of the entire nation, granted its the nation of France, is pretty AWESOME. Kudos to France for condoning such high faggotry! Queens like this make me look masculine, which is REFRESHING!!!


Kurt Walters said...

speechless,,, but did you also notice where she almost falls backwards off the stage at 00:52? and just barely catches herself? Divine!

Sandiboy66 said...

Did his vagina fall out at 42 seconds? What the hell was that?

Kirby said...

I shot orange juice through my nose when that hairball ran across the stage. this is amazing.