Thursday, June 9, 2011 is a great source for classy design at discount prices

People have photographed my apartment a few times. I guess I have unique taste, but people often say I am a good decorator and I DO say decorator. Im not an interior designer, I dont move walls, plan layouts etc, but Im good at taking a room, choosing a palette and making it look chic, masculine, and interesting. I do it on a budget too. My trick is to always mix cheap objects with a couple expensive pieces that stand out which makes the entire place look like a classy joint. A great source for design deals is FAB. You can actually find high end pieces here that have been pre-screened for "good taste" and theyre discounted up to 70% ?! They've actually asked me to be one of their "curators" and Im really excited about it. Its kinda like being a HOLLYWOOD SQUARE of the design world, or at least thats how IM GOING TO APPROACH IT! I get to leave commentary on items Im interested in like NEON ALLIGATOR SKIN IPHONE CASES. I SO totally cant wait for them to have them up for sale. I love neon, alligator skin, and my iphone is desperately in need of a new case. If your iphone doesnt have a neon alligator skin case why bother even picking it up?!


Anonymous said...

Membership only and membership by invitation? What's up with that??

David Mason said...

you can join, just give your email, theyll accept you :)