Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have no interest in having a drag alter ego but if I was forced to her name would be Demi Less.

Shes a loser and nobody likes her. Shes unfantastic and unmotivated. Shes not ridiculous even, shes just average bad. If Demi Moore is 100, Demi Less scores a 37. Shes not even ugly because that would make her memorable. Shes not remarkably bad even, just someone that falls through the cracks... I like Demi Less because secretly... shes funny, secretly funny. Like she wears a t shirt that says "Lebanese" but shes not even lebanese. She actually jokes with herself how shes so not noticeable nobody even asks if shes Lebanese or why if she isnt that shes wearing a shirt that says that. Shes weird, she might be a genius... Im totally becoming better friends with Demi Less.


gavin said...

Funniest drag name I've heard in a while:

Visa Declined

Leprechaunvict said...

Dusty Nic-Nacs. I'd hyphenate in order to keep my husband's last name!