Thursday, June 9, 2011

I totally had something I wanted to write about but this humidity and heat melted my brain

I seriously have no idea what i just wanted to write about?! So just enjoy these pictures of Francois Sagat in his custom ombre purple and pink Viper Suit. You can pick up the Viper Suit for yourself in a classic all black version at SLICK IT UP If youre wondering why hes holding on to a crystal airplane its because the theme was "air" at the party and some Parisian design house asked him to carry it.. Its very "Attack of the Fifty Foot Frenchy"


triryche3 said...

Damn, he can even make that purple manly. He must be unbelievably sexy in person!

Alejandro Rincón said...

it is "on aura tout vu", i think, the airplane.