Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Devils Double

I went to the Devils Double premiere last night and its very good! It was very well acted by the lead actor and is FULL of FETISH HOT extras! If you have a mustache fetish at all you have to see this movie. Sadam Husseins bodyguards... I'd BLOW EVERY ONE OF THEM. They all look like the guy in the "Macho" T-shirt I drew so its worth watching just for the extras ( I think the only other movie I can say that about is"Purple Rain" btw). The film is very entertaining and seems uncomfortably real despite its glossy production. In fact I had to cover my face a couple times because it was shockingly RAW. Besides the sexy extras and semi fetishy torture scenes theres also some great "gay" moments. The most violent scene in fact is enacted when Udis gay personal assistant tells Udi that the victim in the scene just called the assistant a faggot. Its a VERY gorey retribution, and at the end of it I just thought... "Moral of the story... DONT FUCK WITH THAT FAGGOT." It has some good 80s moments and when "You Spin Me" came on in the disco scene, and it plays for a LONG TIME, I gagged.
If youre not sure of the story its about Sadam Husseins demon child son and the "double" they had procured and forced him to serve as the stunt double for Sadams son in dangerous moments. Udi Hussein is sick enough that you watch the movie and you actually think "Maybe Bush wasnt so bad??" Its a great tale of decadence, insanity and male ego.

The poster by Tim Palen is major. It comes out on Friday, go see it.


iain said...

Dominic Cooper is on his way to stardom - in the UK at least, where his performance in The History Boys on stage was thankfully recorded for us all in the film version. And he was back on the stage in the National Theatre UK's production of Phaedra, in which he starred with Helen Mirren - the show was broadcast in theatres across the US as part of the National's ongoing "NTLive" initiative, which I highly recommend you check out; Danny Boyle's theatre production of Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch (yum) who was stark naked for the opening 20 minutes, was also shown across the US recently in the NTLive season.

gavin said...

I always love me some Dominic Cooper.

I can't wait!

gavin said...

MAMA MIA! Was popular in America, iain.

STARTER FOR 10 and THE DUCHESS were well-liked by the Americans who saw them.

gavin said...

AN EDUCATION also got Oscar nominations.

Sue said...

It looks like fun!


gavin said...

I finally saw it and LOVED it!

3 out of 4 stars, in the world where I pretend I'm an influential film critic.

RE: the "glossy production."

You're not the only one who noticed. In fact, SEVERAL film critics accused the film of being bad because the scenery looked cheap, tacky, overproduced, and garish. One critic said the art design was "too JERSEY SHORE."

What these assholes fail to appreciate is that SADDAM AND HIS SONS REALLY LIVED LIKE THAT, in palaces and hotels EXACTLY like that!!!!!!

Those critics are blaming the movie for the CHARACTER's taste. It would have been unrealistic to decorate their environs or costumes in a tasteful way!

What's worse are the critics who are accusing DEVIL'S DOUBLE of exploitation, soft porn and titillating violence.

Yeah, that's why all the women are crying and everyone who commits violence ends up worse. That's why all the naked whores in the disco looked terrified, clumsy and awkward.

None of those scenes were hot, unless you're into criminal rape and violence. It wasn't played for hotness, sorry.

And I'm enamored with PRETEND rape and violence, mind you. ;)