Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Im in Conan.... At 1:00 you see my head in the background of the trailer...

What you see here is about how long im in the movie for though. I got to shoot it in Bulgaria last summer. It was rad.


Erik said...

I´m impressed!

gavin said...

Why didn't you SAY that's why you were in Bulgaria?!

I can't believe you held out on us -- was that by contract?

Did Tim Palen hook you up? CONAN is the same studio as the SAW movies.

What does Jason Momoa smell like?

Don't EVER take a job in a motion picture again without informing me first.


gavin said...

Rub-a-dub-dub, I saw Dave in a tub!


Was Jason Momoa friendly toward the rest of the cast and crew?

Does he groom his own chest, or do assistants shave it for him?

Can I picture Marcus Nispel as straight? I betcha he's fucked at least a couple of dudes. He's a sadistic dom and/or top in bed usually. At the very least, he likes his sex EXTREME.

Those Germans, ha ha ha ...