Sunday, July 24, 2011

This entire posting is why you should never take candy from strangers.

Below is a post I wrote while HIGH on an energy pill that the guy at the supplement shop gave me... Its so erratic, and spazzy, and ego driven that the stuff must have been coke or mephadrone, or something... he made it HIMSELF in the BACK OF THE SHOP?!.... I wouldnt have taken one if my friend Bradford didnt... Its his fault!

So John cut my hair so I dont ever have to fuss with it, because i hate thinking about hair. He said it was Gi Joe action figure inspired.... perfect.

Ok ... so I just took candy from strangers?!... The TWEAKY supplement shop worker gave me and my friend Bradford samples of his HOME MADE EVERGY PILLS... Needless to say I am FLYING.. My hands feel weightless...This song just came on the radio and my brain exploded... this song is only for the SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL, but the homemade video for it is just plain HIGH ART.. Youre not supposed to hear stuff like this when on energy pills, its just TOO MUCH! Like chasing coke with PCP or something...
So yeah, get into the moment... headed to the gym, flying on some weird guys home made "energy" pill, Eartha Kitt and Bronski beat is blaring. My hair is cute thanks to John Gaita at Chris Chase, and my shoes are major.... Extra large vintage reebok high tops.. Its a cute moment right now.... and in case you are wondering the follow up song is "What have I done to deserve this?".... ugh... it does NOT get any better! I think im high. Im high on faggotry.... I need to be put in lock down because I am gonna queen out hard and that can be dangerous, like the time I got a black eye at the 6th grade dance because I got so excited that "Venus" came on and I QUEENED OUT SO HARD I accidentally ran into the back of David Dittios head in a spasm of ecstasy!!!
Imagine what it was like for me to explain that one... "No Mom I didnt get in a fight... Bananrama just got me all NUTZ!"


duaner said...

i actually love it?! it's a different voice than usual, but it's equally pure David in some way...and hilarious. :)

gavin said...

Lookin' handsome!

D. W. said...


neoncomeon said...

lulz, you are so ridiculous.
but in a good way. ;)